Dac was born into a wealthy family that earned it fortunes in space commerce. His father and three uncles all were captains on his grandfather’s ships. Dac spent more time as a youth in the cockpit of various family spaceships then he did at the family home. When he was home, his time was spent divided between flying his custom speeder and studying.

A disagreement between Dac and his grandfather led him to leave the family business, and the wealth, to pursue his own destiny. Success is what he found. Trying to break away from the mold he went in the soldiering business, joining the group Renegade Inc. While the job paid poorly Dac was resourceful and quickly established Kain Services, in order to supplement his income, while remaining at Renegade. Working up the ladder there while his small company grew Dac enjoyed his freedoms and success. He eventually caught the attention of the trading group Mecrosa. The group’s owner set out on a long recruitment campaign and finally won Dac over. He merged his now major company, Kain Services, and set out to make Mecrosa the best raw material haulers and station building company in the known galaxy. Life was good and went on for a while rather uneventfully.

Then one day he received a message that changed his life forever. A friend had been captured and arrested. Distress calls went out and Dac found himself in position to assist her. He took off in his L500 and made the best speed possible to head off the ship she was stranded in. Arriving on scene Dac was able to secure the ship was being held on and secure her freedom, The woman before him, Mia Logan, was much more beautiful then he remembered, and despite the fact she was already spoken for he fell in love. Reluctantly, watching her leave he could only hope someday she would return to him. She did and they feel deep in love, finally tying the knot in a private ceremony in the very ship he rescued her in, a ship that became their family home. After close to a year of being happily married, Mia’s life tragically ended when a sublight engine failed dangerously close to the Meerec sun, causing the YT-510 she was piloting to be pulled in. 

Sometimes a tragedy brings forth wonderful things, and in this case it did as well. During the days following the accident many people came to stay in Meerec for the services and wake. One of these people was Alysia Logan, Mia’s sister. Dac had met her before at a family gathering for the Silver Flow festival on Alderaan, and had hit off well with her. Her presence around him, had affected him in a way he didn’t think possible. So when she asked him for a ride home, he could not refuse.They set out on what was to be a short journey to her home. Little did she know his plan was to take her away with him, getting out of Meerec, but not wanting their time together to end so soon...

Mecrotica, with Dac at the helm and Alysia by his side, has grown quickly in size and prominence.  It is a direct parallel to his development as a father and a leader, and his Family looks forward to see what tricks Dac has left in his sleeves.