Little is known of Andre's past and he never speaks of his upbringing, what is known isn't stellar. He jokes about zig-zagging back and forth across the galaxy, a bit of hauling along with a touch of sticky fingers. One such thing he found was an old dirty can of beer, that find led to an interesting change years later.

While streaking across the galaxy to see how long it would actually take, he was contacted by a recruiter from Black Sun. The pay was good and the work wasn't too dissimilar. Andre moved quickly up the ranks. He was loyal and never took a break. In short order he was invited to join the Family which caught him off guard. In his eyes, he was just a simple hauler and avoided taking on managerial positions.

As a long hauler, there was plenty of time to pick up hobbies. Andre took up designing customized visuals for ships, vehicles and robots. This led to a profitable side business and a friendship with Dac Kain, a long time client. Another hobby he picked up was brewing beer. He started spending more time trying to match the flavor and body of the beer he enjoyed from that can of Angry Rancor. After the discovery that the original Angry Rancor was lost to history, he took it upon himself to bring it back to life.

Andre started spitballing ideas with Dac and that ended up being the start of The Angry Rancor Distribution Company. There was only one problem, Andre was still a full time employee of Black Sun. He thought that there was a simple solution, retire from active duty but remain in the Family but the reverse was true. During an audience with Jeor, he was treated as a traitor and berated. Not being one to bite his tongue, Andre fired back with his own salvo telling the prince that he lacked honor and was a hypocrite. That was the day that Andre turned his back to the Family and founded The Angry Rancor Distribution Company. Later on he discovered that Jeor wanted Black Sun to not only get a massive cut but controlling interest in Angry Rancor.

In short order, Andre was producing not only Angry Rancor but a variety of booze, swag, customized vehicles and droids. Most recently the first batch of designer drugs have been created. Andre laughs when people treat him as a responsible businessman and leader, he's that same guy brewing beer on a freighter...just on a larger scale.