Atminishr Torak Kruhl  is a Sauvé and Dashing Thyferran, standing at 6’9” with dark hair and bold green eyes. He is usually found wearing exceptionally expensive tailored suits of a slightly extravagant style.

Joining the Mecrotica Conglomerate straight from leaving Education on Thyferra in the year 18. Torak started his Career in the Medical wing of Xucphra before quickly moving within the different departments of the conglomerate, Viraxo, The Angry Rancor Distribution Trading Company & Mecrosa.

Eventually Torak was given an exciting opportunity to show his skills and organise the total construction of the Gas Giant, Hjaff II. Including Logistics, Personnel Management, Planning, Construction and Administration.

Upon the Completion and evaluation of that grand project, Torak was thrust into the management of the Company and worked directly under Precitant Dac Kain, until it was decided by the Mecrotica Family that he should join them and was given the honour of becoming Directorate of Commerce.