Decades ago on a backdesert planet, there was a small brewery that made cheap local beer. One day while scavenging a broken down sandcrawler, Andre Lauche stumbled upon a few cans from that same brewery called The Angry Rancor. Either from enjoying the aged taste or just liking the label, he decided to procure the rights to the brand.

After tracking down the small town The Angry Rancor beer originated from, he found nothing. The sands of time had wiped away not only the the brand but its hometown and clients. Looking down at the can and assuming that he already was the majority owner, Andre boarded his freighter and left the desolate planet.

The Angry Rancor Distribution Company will initially focus on its flagship The Angry Rancor beer but there are plans to branch out with other brands, designer drugs and supplements. The goal of The Angry Rancor Distribution Company is to be your one stop vice shop.

The Angry Rancor Distribution Company is a full member of the Mecrotica Conglomerate, a partnership between Andre Lauche and Dac Kain.