Xucphra is proud to be one of the galaxy's premier producers of medical supplies. Most orders can be filled within a week and are made available for pick-up via cargo container. Bacta and Alazhi sales are limited, but are occasionally available upon request. 

Our skilled medical staff is standing by to take care of your Cybernetic Operation needs in our state of the art medical facilities in Candoria. We are ready to make you whole again.

Xucphra is backed by the Mecrosa guarantee and you will not find a more reliable and trustworthy source of medical equipment and services. If you are interested in a career helping the sick and wounded of the Galaxy, either through becoming a medical care professional or supervising our laboratory and refinery operations, Xucphra is the choice for you! 

Xucphra is part of the Mecrotica Conglomerate. 

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