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TOPIC: Done! "Battlefield Treatment and Triage" Dr. Lore Matsu

"Battlefield Treatment and Triage" Dr. Lore Matsu 2 years 5 months ago #1977

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[3:28 PM] Lore: [Begin Lecture]

[3:30 PM] Lore: Lore walked into the large room with it's elevated and variegated stadium like seating. With her she carried several bags that would look quite familiar to most of those that had ever needed one. A simple medical kit. A survival pack. And a Medical pack. She put them down on a small table that was sitting next to the podium as she had requested for the lecture staff to help her with. Clothed in her white slacks and her powder blue blouse she mounted behind the podium. Her long dark hair was loose and hung around the tall woman's 6'5 frame even before you added in the three inch heels that she was wearing for the event.
[3:32 PM] Lore: "Good afternoon, sorry for the delay, I was dealing with a quick emergency so I thank you all for changing your schedules to attend my lecture a little later than we anticipated. My name is Doctor Lore Matsu. I am new to the Xucphra family but not new to being a doctor. For years I worked on the battlefield patching up the members of the clan I was then part of, and making sure that as many of them as possible made it back alive. I have had real, on the job training when it comes to battlefield triage and the things that I, as a doctor, feel are important to take when you if possible while you're going into battle."
[3:34 PM] Lore: "Now we get to the fun shit." she would let a grin take her pink colored lips for a moment. Lore was always Lore even when she was trying to be professional you couldn't quite iron out all the wrinkles that made her unique. "I find that your standard medical kits carry a vast number of things that are necessary for keeping you or your counterparts alive. My own personal medical pack however has a few things different, and let me explain why while we walk through this." Lore unzips the medical pack that she hasn't actually had to use since she had left the clan with the death of her husband. She unfolds it out and allows the students, even from afar, to be able to gander a bit, at the items that she carries within. "I cannot say Bacta enough." she chuckles
[3:36 PM] Lore: "The truth of the matter is, even in a situation like the battlefield this shit is gelly gold." she admits holding up an unused and still sealed bacta patch "It still amazing what this little fucker can do for a wound, and that's exactly why they should be carried if possible, at all times. I know that they're expensive, but one would hope that you're life is worth more than Bacta." she gives the room a little wink "Now say you're going into a group type situation, where more than just your partner is hurt, or you're dealing with protecting a town, city, some kind of settlement. Lots of injuries, bacta patches aren't going to help as much, because you have too many to treat, so enter this bad boy." Lore picks up the bacta bomb "I cannot tell you how many fucking times in my life this little fucker right here has come in handy."
[3:37 PM] Lore: "Little known fact though... is that there is Bacta that can be used as a numbing agent. I usually have some with me because even if you can't heal them, taking away the pain is a kindness that most soldiers will appreciate. Afterall, you may not be close enough to a doctor and you might need to get someone to one, thus, a Bacta numbing agent is immensely helpful in those kinds of situations. Especially if you say.. have to reset a bone or relocate a fucked up joint. These can at least take the edge off of what is happening."
[3:40 PM] Lore: "Now lets say there IS no doctor around. You're hurt, or your partner is hurt. What can you do? Bacta isn't going to save that fuckers life, his guts are fucking bleeding out everywhere you have to make quick decisions. Firstly I would go with a pain killer. Not a numbing agent, because he's going to need to help move himself. Everyone thinks about being a fucking hero until they have to carry a fucking Togodorian across a battlefield, then you start thinking.. hey furry fucker,, you can walk yourself, have a stimpak!" she grins "Now, a stimpak is temporary, and you can use them over and over again, which is handy for getting you from point of origin. To medical personnel. However, they become less and less effective the more you have to use, so they're not for jumping back into battle with you're leg half off, they're for getting to treatment ASAP."
[3:42 PM] Lore: "Along with your basics, you want to make sure that you have your Tourniquet for the act of shutting off blood flow if a major artery has been severed. Arterial blood is dark and comes gushing with the beat of a heart, thus you will know rather quickly if it's superficial or not. You need bandages, gauze, and medical tape. You can use almost anything .. preferable clean.... to bandage a wound but the more sterile the better. We're doctors not miracle workers and infection is still a thing. I always carry a hypo, it's full with most of the things I would need to help someone fight infection, fever, pain, and shock. This is triage, we're not performing open heart surgery out there, we're getting you patched up enough to get a real doctor's eyes on you."
[3:43 PM] Lore: "Now if you get your buddy back to the ship, you've done your triage, he's still alive, but now you have to treat him. Most ships in this day and age come with a Medical kit. more things, more meds, more info. Most importantly it comes with a computer. Now when you put this computer device on the chest of the wounded it will scan their bodies and begin to tell you what is wrong with them. It's a very simple, user friendly machine, which means you're not going to be able to save a man's leg, but if he's in need of more minor treatment the computer will actually walk you through how to save your partners life." Lore took a deep breath "Now.. does anyone have questions or commentary about what we've talked about thus far?"
[3:46 PM] Khaleel Isayev: raises his hand
[3:46 PM] Spree: ((the floor is open for discussion))
[3:46 PM] Lore: Points at Khaleel "Yes? question?"
[3:47 PM] Khaleel Isayev: "Thank you Ma'am." Khaleel smiles and rubs the back of his neck "I was just interested to know if you're for or against removing a patient's helmet during a medical emergency."
[3:49 PM] Lore: she smirks "Excellent question. That all depends on HOW they were hurt. If it was anything shoulder or above, or they .. were blown into something due to some sort of concussive attack, I would say leave the helmet in tact or secure the neck before removing it. If it becomes a necessity to remove it to see if their pupils are responding or if they have signs of a concussion, then we have to do what we have to do, but we try to keep them as stable as possible. Anything lower than shoulder level, shouldn't be a problem, especially if they're talking. Good rule of thumb is, if they're answering questions and talking about how they're totally fine and their completely missing leg is absolutely not a big fucking deal, you can remove the helmet. Anyone else?"
[3:49 PM] Dahn: raises a small hand
[3:50 PM] Lore: smiles at Dahn "Yes Mister Dahn?"
[3:50 PM] Khaleel Isayev: chuckles a little and nods in gratitude.
[3:50 PM] Dahn: nods, "Thank you. Is there a readily avaliable alternative to Bacta, in the event that the wounded being is allergic?"
[3:52 PM] Lore: Again she nods "There is a survival pack, it's this small little pack" she pulls a small pack, probably could fit in a pocket if it needed to "In here is several things. There's a blood coagulant which will help stall or slow up the blood flow to a major wound temporarily. There is an inflatable foam cast for broken limbs, and even a hypo that has antibiotics and pain killers pre loaded, I would recommend working with this, instead of Bacta if you know someone is allergic."
[3:52 PM] Dahn: nods
[3:53 PM] Lore: "Anything else?"
[3:54 PM] Andy: turns his head sideways "What about ryll, any medical properities to it at all as an alternative to bacta?"
[3:56 PM] Lore: purses her lips in thought "mmmmm, since it's basically a drug, it might have a calming effect on someone. But the funny thing about drugs, is that they react differently for different people. So for one .. it might gel them out, the others.. it might make them crazy and there they go off running into battle dragging their busted up body parts behind them. I'd rather stick to medical drugs if possible, but it's a chance you could try it if you had no other options."
[3:59 PM] Lore: "Anyone else?"
[4:01 PM] Lore: "If there is nothing else, you guys are free to do, thank you for coming, I hope you learned a little something about the things needed for battlefield triage, and I appreciate you being in attendance."
[4:01 PM] Khaleel Isayev: applauds and stands, smiling.
[4:02 PM] Lore: smirks 'thank you very much, smilie face sticker for you."
[4:02 PM] Dahn: applauds politely
[4:02 PM] Lore: "Thank you Dahn, good friend, smilie face sticker for you too. Everyone have a great rest of the day."
[4:02 PM] Lore: [/end lecture]
The doctor is IN!

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