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TOPIC: Done! "On Space Slugs" - MD PhD Spree Razzix

"On Space Slugs" - MD PhD Spree Razzix 2 years 6 months ago #1920

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[2:36 PM] Spree: walks up to the podium
[2:38 PM] Spree: clearing his throat, he turns on the microphone and surveys the students and other attendees in the crowd.
Not wishing to wait much longer, her tapped the microphone softly
[2:38 PM] Spree: "We shall buzz begin our lecture presently."
[2:39 PM] Spree: began to speak, his speech peppered with buzzes and clicks
[2:39 PM] Spree: "The Exogorth, known colloquially as the "Space Slug", is a monstrous creature known by many spacers as a terrifying, asteroid-dwelling beast. They burrow deep inside asteroids and seem to live on a diet of ships and pilots in a zero atmosphere environment. That said, they are so massive that their mouths, when closed, are a tiny zoo for animal life."
[2:41 PM] Spree: "They are a silicone-based life form with a mysterious and poorly documented biologic profile. Very little is known about their behavior, reproduction, or even diet."
[2:45 PM] Spree: "...while some of those mysteries are also prevalent in some of you Freshmen, we do have a plethora of ways to gather that data without the threat of our frigates being eaten."(edited)
[2:45 PM] Spree: hoped he would elicit some laughter, but didn't pause very long.
[2:47 PM] Spree: "This species, however, has received an astounding breakthrough very recently by the Phu Sector University researchers."
[2:49 PM] Spree: "A small team discovered three full-grown exogorths very close to this campus. Easily accessible to researchers while remote enough so as to not disrupt everyday activities of the sector's population. The odd thing is, these creatures were not found in space."
[2:49 PM] Spree: pauses again, he knew there wouldn't be very many gasps of disbelief, but it gave him a chance to sip a bit of water
[2:52 PM] Spree: "Researchers found three Exogorths living on the planet Trunska, in one of their polar regions. Preliminary tests show that these creatures are also silicone-based and physically resemble all known accounts of space slug encounters."
[2:55 PM] Spree: "This calls a lot of what we know about the exogorth into question, or simply gives us a fresh perspective on how these animals flourish in a zero gravity environment.
"Research is still being done, but so far we have found the three specimens exhibit individuality, coexist with the natural fauna, and eat literally anything we feed it."
[2:57 PM] Spree: "In summary, these gigantic beasts may be more than meets the eye, and we cannot wait to see what we find next. I now would love to entertain any questions you all have!"
[3:00 PM] Dahn: raises a small hand from a middle row and stands up. "Doctor, what plans are in place to continue studying these giant beasts?"
[3:01 PM] Spree: nods
[3:05 PM] Spree: "We have been taking great care to leave the beasts to their everyday activities mostly uninterrupted. We will continue that trend. As for our next steps? We will be studying their digestive system by placing a small tracker in their food."
[3:07 PM] Lore: Lore doesn't need to be in here for any other reason that supporting her colleague and seeing what kind of things can be done with lectures on campus, so she sits in the back of the room listening to Spree. The Exogorths were an interesting subject but he had very little information on them what so ever. Dahn was in the crowd of people here and there, that were gathering the knowledge from the large creature behind the podium. Lore raises her own hand "Have you gotten skin, tissue, and blood samples from the beasts on hand for studying?"
[3:09 PM] Spree: nods
[3:10 PM] Spree: "Yes we have. After several failed attempts to penetrate the skin of the creatures we finally settled for getting any sort of living skin sample that we could. One of our marksmen shot a small slug with a tracker into one of the specimen's abdomen and some data was recorded... before it was flung from the creature's body."
[3:11 PM] Spree: "We plan to try different methods to get tissue and fluid samples. Hopefully our work in the digestive tract will give us some insight to that."
[3:12 PM] Brian: raises hand What plans are in place to commercialize these creatures? Three rare creatures... In such close proximity...
[3:16 PM] Spree: shakes his head
[3:17 PM] Spree: "We do not have any immediate plans to commercialize these creatures. They are currently only being researched and not open to the public."
[3:17 PM] Spree: "...although an exogorth stuffed animal would certainly be cute."
[3:18 PM] Spree: chuckles
[3:27 PM] Brian: Have you considered allowing OoM to... Remove one? This would still allow you two to study. looks closely at his datapad
[3:27 PM] Spree: shakes his head
[3:29 PM] Spree: "As I hinted at click before, the buzz creatures seem to have buzz distinct 'personalities'," he makes air quotes, "they act together and apart at will, and keep click each other in buzz check when one seems to become more buzz hostile towards the researchers."
[3:30 PM] Spree: "We are taking buzz every precaution to keep the beasts calm."
[3:31 PM] Brian: Doctor... Are you suggesting a lower level of.. pauses forgive me, but i dont know if 'sentience' is the right word?
[3:33 PM] Brian: Also have geo scans yet been performed to see if their caves connect?
[3:34 PM] Spree: shrugs at that
[3:35 PM] Spree: "I am buzz unsure if they have a click sentience or not. However, they do buzz interact with each other like animals do."
[3:35 PM] Kira: slipped inside the lecture hall and found an empty seat next to Dahn.
[3:36 PM] Dahn: moves his bag to make room for Kira
[3:36 PM] Spree: "As for buzz underground investigations, we are click still awaiting the planetary government's click permission to measure it."
[3:36 PM] Dahn: "Do they have any discernable ways of communication? A language?"
[3:37 PM] Spree: shakes his head,
[3:37 PM] Spree: "Not that buzz that we know of. They roar and click wiggle. There may be a buzz pheromone aspect or infrasonic click feature we have not observed click yet."(edited)
[3:37 PM] Kira: pets the top of Dahn's head while she listens to Spree's lecture, enjoying the clicks and buzzes that make up his accent.
[3:42 PM] Khaleel Isayev: raises his hand "Has there been any change in the ecosystem where these Space Slugs have decided to nest?"
[3:42 PM] Spree: "Great question!"
[3:43 PM] Spree: "Surprisingly click no. The local fauna click coexist with the exogorths. I assume any who buzz get too close are ingested, however."
[3:44 PM] Brian: What about flora changes in the immediate vicinity?
[3:45 PM] Spree: @Khaleel Isayev "Remember: we are buzz not sure that they 'made a nest'. It is click possible they were born there."(edited)
[3:45 PM] Spree: @Brian "Unfortunately that is click unknown. There is not buzz much flora in the polar region where buzz they reside."
[3:46 PM] Khaleel Isayev: nods whilst raising his hand slightly again "Furthermore Doctor, have you observed any migratory practices as of yet, or do you suspect any movement in the future? Could this be a problem for the civilians of Trunska?"
[3:47 PM] Spree: shakes his head
[3:48 PM] Spree: "While the buzz discovery is fairly recent, exploration of click the surrounding environments have revealed click no indication of the exogorths ever click existing anywhere but their current location."
[3:49 PM] Khaleel Isayev: nods gently
[3:49 PM] Brian: "Doctor i recall no mention, are all three roughly the same size? Or is this possible evidence of a breeding pair and their young"
[3:50 PM] Lore: raises hand curiously "Does their excrement show signs of being able to aid in the flora of a region to flourish better?"
[3:50 PM] Spree: @Brian "From what we buzz we have observed, they are around the click same size. However, we do not buzz have any subterranean click data yet."
[3:54 PM] Spree: "Data from click other sources approximates the average click exogorth around 900 meters in length"
[3:56 PM] Brian: There is a quarantine zone in place to stop others stealing credit from you? Errr i mean for the safety of the planets residents?
[4:01 PM] Spree: nods
[4:02 PM] Spree: @Brian "We have plans click to set up sonic repellents to keep the smaller animals away buzz from our research teams. Currently we click have an electric fence.
"As for click interlopers, the site is click guarded by droids and other combat personnel."
[4:06 PM] Khaleel Isayev: "Do you have any thesis on how these Silicone-based lifeforms are surviving in the atmosphere? Are they respiring oxygen?"
[4:08 PM] Spree: @Khaleel Isayev "It is click just a hypothesis at this buzz point, but I believe these creatures click actually reached maturity on Trunska. There are buzz several other species in the animal kingdom who spread click their eggs via ships or just in the vacuum of space, notably the click sarlaaci and dianogae."
[4:10 PM] Spree: "If they click have some sort of buzz mutation that permits them to click breathe."
[4:11 PM] Spree: "It is click also possible that they buzz are the product of several generations of click failed attempts to fully mature."
[4:25 PM] Spree: looks back to @Brian "Please worry click not. While they are most click certainly wild animals, they do not show buzz migratory patterns," he looks at @Khaleel Isayev , "as mentioned buzz recently.
"Once we get the click subterranean scanning approval, we will buzz have more data to click report."
[4:27 PM] Brian: nods I will have my fleet on standby to assist when you get the scan approval
[4:34 PM] Brian: Dr Spree, i have a tactical suggestion. Please be prepared to observe these creatures reactions as we try various types of scans. I have the feeling using sonic scans might turn out badly.
[4:34 PM] Spree: chuckles, "I believe we buzz will be petitioning @Teresa Rowley for assistance for buzz the scanning."
[4:34 PM] Teresa Rowley: :open_mouth:
[4:34 PM] Brian: sends his fleet anyways :smirk:
[4:35 PM] Spree: looks up, hearing a gasp from the audience. Shielding his eyes, he spies the leader of Renew.
[4:35 PM] Spree: "Greetings miss click Rowley!"
[4:39 PM] Spree: @Brian "But your click concern for the creatures' reactions to sonic emissions is buzz noted. We will test the click machinery to make certain they are not buzz caused harm."
[4:42 PM] Brian: chuckles Worried less about causing them harm, but more about them causing harm to your team
[4:44 PM] Khaleel Isayev: "Doctor, other than your team and the people in this seminar theater - does the population at large know about this discovery? If not do you plan on informing the press?"
[4:45 PM] Brian: looks at the various galactic representatives in the theater and winks at Khaleel Pretty sure the secret is out mate.
[4:48 PM] Spree: @Khaleel Isayev "While we are buzz still collecting data, we buzz will publish some findings in a click GNS in the near future."
[4:50 PM] Spree: "But the planet of click Trunska is under a shield and the buzz location of the creatures is not click currently published."
[4:59 PM] Spree: looks at the clock on the wall.
[5:00 PM] Spree: "It seems buzz like my time is click up for the evening. Are there click any further questions before we buzz disperse?"
[5:07 PM] Spree: "Excellent! Then let us buzz conclude for the evening. I would click like to thank you all for coming, and I click look forward to our future talks. The date of the next click one will be announced soon."
[5:07 PM] Spree: "Have a wonderful click evening!"
[5:07 PM] Spree: <end lecture 1>
The doctor is IN!

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