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The Order of Mecrosa

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Mecrosa is the head of the Mecrotica Conglomerate and operates in several business sectors, including security, transport, and construction.
The Order of Mecrosa is the the arm of Mecrotica that handle mostly Military assignments.
Formerly known as Ankh Recycling Enterprises, Renew is the Mecrotica Conglomerate’s recycling faction.
One of the oldest names in Mecrosa history, Viraxo is the production arm of the Mecrotica Conglomerate.
Headquartered on Trunska, with production facilities in Candoria, Xucphra is Mecrotica's medical branch.
Director of Xucphra
CEO of Mecrotica
Co-Leader of Mecrotica
Director of Viraxo Industries
Director of Technologies
2nd in-command Mecrosa
2nd in-command Viraxo

Retaining it’s excellent management staff, Renew continues offering the same quality recycling and controlled demolition services. Renew’s fleet is currently being bolstered to handle more missions efficiently. Renew has crews to handle several projects as well as a host of new services, including setting up industrial waste disposal facilities to enable consumers to be rid of unwanted goods.

No matter if you need an entire planet salvaged, a ship, or just a single building Renew is ready to handle your need. No job is to big and no job is to small

We welcome business from any and all businesses without prejudice or preference for political affiliations, offering the same level of first-rate professionalism and efficiency that has made Mecrotica such a corporate power house.

Renew: If You Didn’t Mess It Up The First Time, We Wouldn’t Be Here!