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Mecrosa is the head of the Mecrotica Conglomerate and operates in several business sectors, including security, transport, and construction.
The Order of Mecrosa is the the arm of Mecrotica that handle mostly Military assignments.
Formerly known as Ankh Recycling Enterprises, Renew is the Mecrotica Conglomerate’s recycling faction.
One of the oldest names in Mecrosa history, Viraxo is the production arm of the Mecrotica Conglomerate.
Headquartered on Trunska, with production facilities in Candoria, Xucphra is Mecrotica's medical branch.
Director of Xucphra
CEO of Mecrotica
Co-Leader of Mecrotica
Director of Viraxo Industries
Director of Technologies
2nd in-command Mecrosa
2nd in-command Viraxo

Spree Razzix is a Vratix, an insectoid, hermaphroditic species native to Thyferra. Although technically both genders, Spree identifies as a male purely out of convenience for others. He hatched and grew up in the Vratix hive Razzix, on the planet Thyferra; a world famous for its production and mass exportation of Bacta, a potent healing solution. Having grown up in a community devoted to farming the raw materials for Bacta, as well as its utilization in medicine, Spree quickly took to practicing medicine on his own. After years of practice, he was awarded a Doctorate of Medicine from his Hive. Shortly thereafter, he departed Thyferra for worlds unknown, eager to heal the galaxy.

Currently he is the Director of Surgery and Leader of the medical company Xucphra.

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